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All ads for New, Used and Surplus assets, and applicable employment opportunities can be placed on for only Ten Dollars ($10.00 USD). Energy related positions are listed separately on, as part of The Energy Jobs Network.

Including a Free renewal, that's up to 180 days for a
$10.00 ad. Low cost by any standard. And, it includes a picture, up to 300 words of text and is automatically sent to those who registered to receive automatic notification of new ads.

In order for this low cost model to work effectively, we need your support as a vendor, manufacturer or supplier to the Utility and Energy industries by considering placing a low-cost vendor ad on
UtilityAds.Net. For more information, please visit our Vendor Advertising section.

NOTE: Please be advised that this is a highly automated site, and that's how we can keep our classified ad rates at such a low cost! We don't want to discourage you from Faxing or phoning any ad to us, for us to enter in the database, but please do so only in those instances where it is absolutely necessary due to, for example, difficulty accessing the network. Under these circumstances, we will be glad to place an ad for registered users for a $50.00 fee. Please include your user name with your request.

Thanks for visiting, and, please tell your friends, associates, vendors and customers to visit us, and register. All ads are ten bucks, but, Registration is always FREE on The Utility Classifieds Network.

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Energy Jobs

"The utility of the future will have only two employees--A Man and a Dog.

The Dog will be there to guard the equipment .

And the Man will be there to feed the Dog." ..


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